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6 Common Laser Tattoo Removal Myths Debunked

July 14, 2021

Getting a tattoo removed can be daunting, and it’s made even worse with all the false information and myths going around about what tattoo removal actually is and it’s time to set the record straight.

“Will tattoo removal cause scarring?”

The most common misconception about tattoo removal is that you will be scarred after having the removal process, with PicoSure technology the risk of scarring is only a very small percentage however you increase your chances when a blister from the treatment is picked or popped and when scabbing has been picked. Most scarring will be caused by how you take care of your tattoo at home or in most instances the tattoo artist’s application may have left scarring. Picosure pressure wave technology causes a lot less trauma to the skin than the typical Q-switch machines, so Picosure is not only more effective and requires fewer treatments, it is actually a lot safer and causes fewer risks.

“Tattoo removal will not remove all colours.”

So this is kind of true if you were to have your tattoo removed with something other than a PicoSure, again this machine takes top marks as it removes all colours on the colour spectrum. The Picosure is particularly great and removing Red, Blue, and green ink, although some colours can be more stubborn, white is unfortunately not treated with any lasers and cannot be removed as it is not a colour.

“I will only need 1 treatment!”

Unfortunately this very rarely the case, most tattoos will require multiple sessions, the number of sessions required will tend to depend on the application of the tattoo, how deep, dark, and dense the ink is, the patient’s circulation, what part of the body the tattoo is on and many more.

Anything closer to the heart will treat much faster than a tattoo that has been placed on an extremity, the reason for this is that the circulation and healing will be much faster, the closer to the heart that we treat.

“Every laser is the same.”

Again this is not true, there are hundreds of different lasers. Lasers can be used for a lot of different things, from hair removal, tattoo removal, fixing eyes, and improving skin texture. The different wavelengths of light and the speed of the pulses of the laser with low levels of energy help to protect the skin and target whatever the laser is designed for. PicoSure fires at a trillionth time a second making it again one of the best lasers in the world for tattoo removal.

“Tattoo removal is unbearably painful.”

So this would depend on each individual’s pain thresh hold, however, most people find that tattoo removal is more painful than having the tattoo in the first place, for a tattoo that may have taken 4 hours to apply, this could take around 10mins to have 1 full removal session which would then be repeated 8-10 weeks later, the less ink that is in the area of treatment the less it usually hurts, soo removal may get easier every time you have a session.

“I can’t have a new tattoo, after having removal in that area.”

Yes, you can! Tattoo removal or even fading will allow your tattoo artist to be less restricted with a cover-up or new design, multiple sessions for partial fading is generally required. If you are thinking about having a tattoo in the same area as the removal process then we would advise waiting 3 months or longer as the body will continue to break down the ink from the new tattoo as it would still be doing with the old ink.

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