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A client's experience about being new to HydraFacial…

April 6, 2018

One of our Skintique clients, who is new to HydraFacial, offered to write about her experiences to give more information to anyone considering trying this non-surgical range of facial treatments.

Here is what she had to say about being new to HydraFacial…

My quest for a younger, fresher looking face

I’m in the final year of my thirties and to this point in my life, I’ve been very lucky with my skin. Good genes have meant I’ve never really had to think too much about what I’ve done with my skin or what I have put on it – until now.

My story…

I only developed an actual ‘skincare routine’ about five years ago. This was prompted by starting to get dry, flaky patches on my forehead, cheeks and chin and I’d also noticed the lines on my forehead were there even when I wasn’t frowning.

Before then, I’d always used a moisturiser but was fairly reliant on face wipes for everything else.  I’ve also had two children, am an ex-smoker, have PCOS and I like to have a suntan. With a combination of all of these things, I think I have been abusing my skin and sucking it dry without giving it too much thought.

So, I’m now at the stage and age, where I know my natural collagen levels are falling, gravity is taking hold, I have some dark patches of skin around my eyes from PCOS skin tagging, I have permanently rosy cheeks from broken capillaries and I can see my age written all over my forehead.

This wasn’t what I wanted to see in the mirror

I didn’t feel I was ready to go down a surgical path, so I started looking into facial treatments. I wanted results, for me, this was about brighter looking skin that was moisturised, firm, healthy and less wrinkled with an even tone. I’ve had beauty facials in the past and although they’ve been really relaxing and helped my skin for a few days, they’ve never had longer lasting results.

I found HydraFacial and Skintique in Leicester and started reading up on the treatment options and results other people had had. I liked that Skintique wasn’t a typical beauty salon, it was focused on aesthetics and treatments that were more medical.

The client testimonials were really good, and it was reassuring that HydraFacial could even back up their own claims with clinical trial results. There’s also a whole raft of celebs who swear by HydraFacial.

I booked in for a HydraFacial with a Dermabuilder booster

I was actually quite nervous about my appointment. I’d never had had a facial treatment as a standalone session, I’d always had facials as part of a spa day. I didn’t know what to wear or if it was going to hurt. Being new to HydraFacial made me slightly nervous.

Turns out it was all fine and you can wear anything as long as your neck and face are accessible. I explained my nerves to my consultant and she talked me through everything whilst cleansing my face to get my skin clean before she started.

My treatment

I wasn’t expecting every step of the HydraFacial process to be done by a machine, not sure what I was expecting though. Each phase uses one handheld probe with a different attachment on. It basically either pumps, sucks or exfoliates depending on where you are in the process.

With each step, I was told what was going to happen, how it might feel and what the purpose was. It all felt very medical which is what I wanted.

The first few stages were about deep cleaning

The cleansing was very relaxing. The peel stage made my skin tingle a little bit but this is normal because of the good acids in the products. Then came the extraction stage which was amazing. The machine basically gently sucks out your blackheads and you can actually see them floating in the solution afterwards, very satisfying!

My treatment then included lymphatic drainage, which I’d never even thought about for my face before. It was really relaxing, like a gentle sucking motion in one direction over your skin. It is something I’d love to have done every night before going to sleep. Then I had the infrared LED lights put on my skin to increase natural collagen production.

My final stage was the Dermabuilder booster

It’s basically a serum that gets pumped deep into your rejuvenated skin to help reduce the signs of ageing. The whole treatment took about an hour. There wasn’t anything that even remotely hurt just a couple of slightly tingly bits, nothing uncomfortable.

I was given a mirror at the end and although my skin was a bit pink all over, I could already see it was smoother and more moisturised. There was no tightness or angry bits, just fresh newly revealed skin.

My results

That night I was out with friends for a meal. I didn’t want to put make-up on my new face that soon, but I did. It went on like dream, my pores were visibly reduced, and I could really see the difference in my overall appearance. I didn’t expect anyone else to notice though, but they did. Two of my friends commented straightaway on how good I looked and what had I done that was different.

For the next few weeks, I was still seeing and feeling the difference every day. My forehead lines were reduced and my all of my dry patched of skin had gone. It did wear off slightly after a month but I know the treatment has an accumulative effect and I need to keep going back for a course of 6 treatments over 6 months. And I will go back because it did make a difference.

This natural boost really worked for me and it will delay my need for anything more invasive. I’m excited about how I’ll look after a few more treatments. I am no longer new to HydraFacial and I will be booking regular treatments.


We’d like to thank Laura for sharing her story about being new to HydraFacial. If you would like to speak to us about HydraFacial get in touch to book your taster session: 0116 270 0123 or 

For examples of some of our other client’s results, have a look at our HydraFacial page.

Regular HydraFacial treatments really can transform your skin and give you the confidence to go barefaced.  

Find out more and watch our video by visiting our HydraFacial web page.

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