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Skintique is thrilled to offer clients Calecim Professional, a completely unique and patented ground-breaking product range that harnesses scientifically derived stem cells from cord-lining tissue.

This innovative formula containing extracts of umbilical cord lining, a science-backed active ingredient that effectively combats the symptoms of ageing. Proteins harvested during the pioneering process sends “youth messages” to skin cells on a cellular level, encouraging consolidated glycoproteins which play important role in intercellular crosstalk; important in facilitating skin rejuvenation.

The science doesn’t stop there; cellular changes also encourage the production of soluble collagen, reinforcing the skin, whilst maintaining shape and form. Hyaluronic acid levels are also increased to plump the skin through biding water molecules. Heightened albumin production aids in skin fullness and boosted fibronectin increases strength by binding to collagen.

With tests evidencing an increased epidermal and dermal thickness of between 500% to 700% using Calecim, stem cell skincare has pushed the boundaries in topical skincare advancement. The anti-ageing solution of the future has arrived!

Available in Professional Serum, Multi-Action Cream, Restorative Hydration Cream, Recovery Night Complex, and Professional Pigment Solution plus bundle kits for a total regenerative skincare system, guaranteed to deliver dream results.

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