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Skintique loves to remain at the forefront of skincare innovation which is why we offer the ground-breaking bio remodelling treatment courtesy of Profhilo.

Bio remodelling is a brand-new category in the injectables market, developed by IBSA a pioneering pharmaceuticals company. Neither filler nor skin revitaliser, the Profhilo treatment uses stabilised hyaluronic acid that is injected into the skin. Designed to remodel the layers of skin tissue, this anti-ageing miracle jab doesn’t just tackle the symptoms of ageing but goes to work at the source.

Profhilo’s patented NAHYCO technology is an extremely pure hyaluronic acid that boasts the highest concentrations available in the industry. The all-natural solution is packed with 64 mg and is produced without the use of chemical cross-linking agents. The potent formula produces some amazing results by stimulating fibroblast cells, which encourage the production of collagen and elastin to firm and plump the skin, restoring a youthful glow. Activation of keratinocytes further encourages the creation of new collagen, plus elastin levels too. The preservation and viability of adipocytes present in the skin is another welcome benefit, to increase the overall quality of adipose tissue (that’s your fat tissue), hello a more contoured silhouette.

With Profhilo you can treat any area, even traditionally deemed challenging body parts like the neck and upper hands. What’s more, due to its unique components clients can enjoy fewer treatment sessions and significantly fewer injection sites compared to other injectable therapies, making for a much more comfortable experience. Downtime is practically eliminated too.

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