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Alumier MD Peels

Skintique is delighted to offer our valued clients Alumier MD Peels.

Renowned for their clinical excellence and safe, gradual results Alumier offers individualised treatment options, complemented by home care products that work together synergistically to address a range of skin concerns and improve the overall health and beauty of the skin.

Alumier MD’s extensive range of superficial through to medium depth peels is designed to negate the negative side effects associated with harsher peels. Their philosophy of encouraging gradual results means the skin’s delicate makeup becomes accustomed to the progressive treatments and begins to react like younger skin and rejuvenate efficiently. This method gives the skin time to adjust, eliminating the risk of the body reacting to the deep exfoliation like a trauma, which can sometimes lead to unwanted pigment changes.

The beauty of Alumier’s advanced product line is its versatility. Your skincare specialist can thoroughly analyse your skin and create a bespoke programme to address your skin concerns and leave you with even, vibrant, and glowing skin. In addition to tailoring a truly personalised treatment, Alumier offers both pre and post-treatment products to accelerate optimal results. The pre-treatment options precondition and minimise potential complications while the post-treatment products soothe and condition the skin and maintain the benefits of the peel for longer.

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