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Cryosurgery comes to Skintique!

CryoPen is the leading cryosurgical innovator, harnessing the power of extreme cold by using linear compression cooling technology to address a range of common skin concerns.
Renowned for being the most state-of-the-art cryosurgical system available on the market, this sophisticated equipment boasts pen-point precision without the use of any dangerous cryogenic gases or liquids, like those used in the seventies. In fact, CryoPen’s technology is so innovative that this is the go-to system for physicians to dermatologists and aestheticians alike.

CryoPen produces flawless skin in a flash by administering a pinpoint dose of liquid nitrous oxide to the skin at a chilly -127°C. Its accuracy is unparalleled, allowing therapists to treat imperfections with millimetre precision, meaning healthy surrounding tissue is untouched.

The advanced temperature indicator provides a consistent and effective freeze temperature, eliminating the risk of excessive burns. Treatment takes seconds, requires no anaesthetic, and produces minimal scarring. Clients can expect to return to work immediately having experienced practically no discomfort at all.

In a matter of seconds, the CryoPen permanently removes freckles, hyper-pigmented lesions, warts, seborrheic warts, milia, cherry angioma, verrucas, skin tags, and age and liver spots to reveal even, beautiful skin, guaranteed to boost your confidence!

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