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Famed as the gold standard for laser hair removal, Diolaze safely removes unwanted hair effectively with minimal discomfort.

Diolaze utilises the most advanced technology to emit a diode laser beam into the hair follicles. The energy projects heat into the hair’s root which prevents regrowth, allowing you to achieve the smooth skin you’ve always wanted. Wave goodbye to razors!

Boasting one of the largest treatment spot sizes available on the market, alongside a high pulse repetition rate, Diolaze makes your laser hair removal experience speedy and convenient. Not only that, but the extra-large built-in cooling surface provides maximum comfort, with many patients remarking the treatment is virtually painless. Alongside being gentle, the Diolaze machine is super-powerful to target even the most stubborn of regrowth.

Safe to use on most body parts including underarms, stomach, arms, chest, back, shoulders, neck, chin, sideburns, legs, and bikini.

Traditional hair removal procedures like shaving and waxing are an ongoing hassle and offer only temporary relief from unwanted hair, but Diolaze offers a permanent solution to banish regrowth from the root of the problem. Most patients report a marked improvement in hair regrowth after just a few Diolaze sessions and eventually perfectly smooth and hair-free skin.

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