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Doublo Gold

Doublo Gold is the benchmark for HIFU treatment.

Their advanced high-intensity focused ultrasound machine harnesses ultrasound technology to target a whole host of skin concerns safely and effectively by gently heating the tissues below skin level. This ground-breaking process stimulates cell renewal and collagen production.

Time takes its toll on our skin, with common culprits like sun damage and ageing causing the skin to lose its elasticity and plumpness. Thankfully, Skintique’s HIFU technology has your back, making restoring skin’s youthfulness a reality, efficiently targeting skin laxity, wrinkles, and fine lines.

The benefits of this wonder machine don’t stop at the celebrity-approved non-invasive facelift, it’s also renowned for its transformative effects in body contouring. Doublo’s upgraded features mean that alongside lifting the skin and all-over contouring, it can also be utilized for fat reduction by focusing the high-intensity ultrasound to completely remove fat cells.

Doublo’s innovative high-intensity ultrasound machinery provides energy shots in a variety of depths and frequencies, customisable according to your unique skin composition and treatment area. It’s also designed to be super speedy, delivering fast and effective energy shots at a speed of up to 300 every eight minutes. That means not only is the treatment safe and non-invasive but convenient to fit into your busy day.

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