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Skintique’s partnership with InMode Fractora Radio Frequency facial treatment offers clients the ultimate solution to powerful and effective skin rejuvenation.

The unwelcome consequence of ageing is reduced skin quality. As we age a loss of collagen and elastin in the skin alongside a whole host of other external factors like gravity, fat loss, and sun damage can cause the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and sagging skin.

Fractora helps to target the unwelcome tell-tale signs of ageing by harnessing the clinically proven power of radio-frequency energy. Delivered through fractionated micro-pins, InMode’s innovative technology effectively resurfaces and tightens skin by applying localised heat to micro-lesion dots. As a result, sub-dermal tissue triggers the body’s natural healing response which stimulates collagen production for a beautiful, radiant skin texture restored with volume and plumpness.

This revolutionary technology is one of the newest non-surgical solutions available on the market today to combat the symptoms of ageing and acne-scarred skin. The non-invasive treatment is safe for the neck and all skin tones including ethnic skin, with minimal risk of hyperpigmentation post-procedure. Downtime is minimal and various depths and densities can be selected to tailor the service to your unique requirements.

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