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Want to combat small bulges of fat that impair the smooth-contoured lines of your silhouette? Skintique has just the solution with Mini FX.

MiniFX uses powerful, non-invasive technology to tackle problematic small pockets of fat and cellulite. The best bit? No surgery required! That means no downtime, no anaesthesia, and a considerable cost saving too.

Using a clinically effective, revolutionary shaping technique, MiniFX creates smoother, slimmer, and tighter skin by harnessing the power of radiofrequency energy, coupled with deep tissue heating and negative pressure massage. The specially designed handpiece is crafted to treat small and hard-to-reach areas that aren’t suitable for targeting with a traditionally larger device like the neck, arms, and knees.

The unique, scientifically developed combination of different modalities implemented with the Mini FX treatment includes radio-frequency energy, deep tissue heating, and suction coupled negative pressure. Skin and underlying fat is penetrated by heat, destroying fat cells by causing the tissues to heat and contract, while a vacuum and controlled energy pulses work in unison to synergistically provide improved blood circulation, reduce cellulite and create beautiful contouring results.
Mini FX is considered the gold standard for producing outstanding results. The procedure is often described as a pleasant experience, creating a warming and pulling sensation that can sometimes create some redness for a few hours post-treatment. It requires no downtime and is extremely safe, boasting constant temperature regulation.

Modern aesthetics have finally provided a non-surgical solution to tighten skin, target cellulite, and eliminate small pockets of fat. Body confidence here you come!

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