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pHformula Resurfacing

Skintique Clinic is thrilled to offer the pHformula Resurfacing Treatment, a fantastic alternative to traditional peels, backed up by over 30 years of combined scientific and medical experience.

The best part? Zero downtime and no side effects!

Common skin disorders of ageing, acne, pigmentation, and chronic redness can all be treated by pHformula resurfacing with excellent results. pHformula comes with a unique combination of alpha and beta hydroxyl acids as well as antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, and trace elements, which stimulate cellular repair and turnover; in turn, increasing collagenesis and improving elastin fibres, tyrosinase inhibition, and sebostatic control as well as regulating and suppressing the symptoms associated with sensitive skin.

pHformula takes skin resurfacing to the next level, by introducing an “outside-in” and “inside out” philosophy. Advanced dermatological skin resurfacing procedures working from the outside in, combined with powerful skin nutrition, working from the inside out promote rapid skin restoration. Improvements are noticeable from the first treatment and continue to increase with regular top-ups and use of the complementary homecare products. Practitioners and patients have consistently reported a near 100% patient satisfaction remarking on an immediate improvement in the softness, radiance, and integrity of the skin.

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