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If you have thread vein concerns, then Skintique’s ThermaVein machine is the solution to permanently banish them away.

The renowned ThermaVein Thread Vein Removal Treatment is known for being the best in the aesthetics industry and is the go-to system used by hundreds of clinics nationwide.

ThermaVein harnesses the sophisticated power of thermocoagulation to seal thread vein walls, creating instant and permanent removal of unsightly thread veins and other vascular blemishes. The treatment is performed using an insulated probe that carries a gentle current to ensure the blood doesn’t coagulate. When applied to the skin, the energy causes the vein to empty, at which point ThermaVein gently heats the vein wall to create a seal. The process allows the body to naturally reabsorb the vein.

ThermaVein can be used to treat a whole host of skin concerns safely and effectively including facial thread veins, ankle thread veins, milia, skin tags, vascular blemishes, spider naevi, cherry angioma, and Campbell-de-Morgan spots (red dots or bumps).

Results are proven and noticeable within seconds, making the ThermaVein treatment a winner amongst clients, did we mention the instant gratification? The walk-in and walk-out session is safe, super speedy and minimally invasive.

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