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Dermalux - Tri-Wave MD

Introducing the most powerful LED phototherapy system in the world, courtesy of the Dermalux Tri-Wave MD.

Ground-breaking LED technology starts here. The Dermalux Tri-Wave MD utilises innovative medical advances to offer the most advanced phototherapeutic and photodynamic treatments available on the market. Amplified optical power delivers individual, concurrent, and sequential wavelengths for photobiomodulation of targeted cells with proven results. What does this mean for your skin? A visibly radiant, refined, and rejuvenated complexion as a result of the skin’s natural repair process being triggered by absorbing the light energy. The treatment is so potent that energised skin cells can renew and repair up to 200 times faster!

Suitable for the face and body, expect to see results after just one session. A course of treatments provides cumulative benefits and lasting improvement to a range of skin concerns from acne, psoriasis, pigmentation, and redness. Dermalux treatment boosts collagen hydrates the skin and banishes blemish-causing bacteria, whilst also being medically certified to relieve musculoskeletal pain. Best of all, zero discomforts and zero downtime.

The real secret of this wander machine is its ability to deliver three wavelengths simultaneously during treatment. No other machine on the market has this capability, meaning your skin can reap the rewards of clinically evidenced beautiful results that no other technology can provide.

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