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Combination Treatment Trial

November 23, 2015

Mr David Hicks (the Chairman of Aesthetic Medicine Live conference) and I are currently writing an article on a combination of Fractora radiofrequency treatment  and Vampires Face lift (Platelet rich plasma).

Both treatments are known to be excellent solutions for an improvement of the ageing process and they address the problem from different angles.

Hence our hypothesis is that being administered together at the same time, they can achieve better outcome than being given separately. In order to prove our theory we are recruiting a number of people, who are willing to participate in the trial (we need 2 more participants).

Selection criteria:

  1. Presence of obvious ageing process
  2. Absence of the following aesthetic treatments in the last 6 months: Botox, dermal fillers, mid depth/deep chemical peels, thread lift.
  3. Consent for “before and after” photographs to be published in a professional aesthetic magazine (not for general pubic) and to be presented on Aesthetic Medicine Conference
  4. Good general health, non-smokers with regular alcohol consumption not exceeding 14 units/week for women and 21 units/week for men.
  5. Absence of pacemaker
  6. Not pregnant/breastfeeding

Advantages of participating in the trial are:

Receiving 2 expensive treatments for ¼ of the usual price.

Receiving a double concentration of PRP (as each side of the face will be injected with a 6 week interval, hence the amount of the PRP which is usually used for the whole face will be used just for 1 side at a time).

The initial observation of the clients who have been treated already have shown that there is a significant advantage of using Fractora with PRP as a combination treatment.

If you are interested, please contact me via PM on Facebook or by email

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