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Dr Natalia Hancock

“I am qualified in all areas, consisting of basic, intermediate, advanced and expert level of the administration of all anti wrinkle treatments chemical peels, PRP and advanced energy based treatments. I continually attend the latest training courses, workshops and aesthetic conferences, keeping up to date with the latest cosmetic medicine techniques and trends.”

Doctors can be trained to administer treatments, to understand facial anatomy, and be taught good techniques. But as Natalia points out, aesthetic doctors and practitioners also need to understand what looks good and what works well: to borrow a phrase “it’s the painter not the paint”.
“There is nothing worse than seeing overdone faces with stigmatising “Eyebrows”, or over-blown lips and cheek bones. Understanding individual face shapes and what works well with different facial features is an art. This also needs to be combined with the very best of skincare.”

Natalia insists on spending time with her patients, discussing the various options and staged procedures. This will ultimately create the safest and best individual results for that patient.
Only carefully-selected, industry-leading products, which have long standing evidence of safe and successful results are used. These products, as well as every procedure, is personally tested by Natalia.