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Be Hair Free and Carefree in time for Summer with Skintique

February 15, 2019

Unwanted or excess body hair growth can be a blow to self-confidence and inconvenient to manage on a regular basis. With the Summer months on their way, you may be considering your options for the resolution of unwanted or excess hair, to limit the amount of time spent shaving, plucking, waxing, or fretting about its visibility. The Skintique team are proud to offer a long-term solution, and trust the advanced DiolazeXL laser system by In Mode for the safe, gentle, swift and permanent elimination of hair across the face and body.


An Innovative Solution for All

DiolazeXL utilises a diode laser beam to permeate the skin and access the hair follicles, penetrating these follicles to the root, and employing heat energy to disable their future growth. With no downtime, DiolazeXL is an excellent solution for the removal of hair growth resulting from hormones, complaints that cause hair growth in excess, or general growth in unwanted places. Combining comfort, efficacy and speed, DiolazeXL establishes itself as an industry leader that the Skintique clinic team are pleased to provide.

If appropriate, opting for a laser hair removal treatment such as DiolazeXL can save you time, effort and money long-term – producing unprecedented results, with no risk of the usual irritation, stubble or rashes that can occur with traditional manual hair removal. The DiolazeXL system can be used safely across the body – from the arms and legs, to the shoulders, chest, and back. It is also gentle enough for use in sensitive areas of the body, such as the face, underarms, the extremities, and the intimate areas.

While it can be used on hair at all stages of growth with success, DiolazeXL achieves the best results when used on hair follicles in their mature growth stages, in a series of multiple treatments. The amount of treatments necessary varies from patient to patient, and will depend on the colour and type of hair being treated, the area of the body experiencing this growth, and the tone of the skin.

If, following a consultation, it is established that DiolazeXL laser treatment is the most suitable treatment for you, the Skintique team will formulate these requirements into a tailored treatment plan that is unique to your needs.


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