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Non-surgical cosmetic procedures – who do you trust with your face?

July 31, 2019

Are you doing enough research into non-surgical cosmetic procedures, or going with the cheapest option for your facial treatments?

There has been a significant rise in the number of people in the UK getting non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Over the last decade, the industry has grown by 55% and is now worth a staggering £3.6billion.

21% of the UK population have now had a non-surgical cosmetic treatment. And, whilst this branch of aesthetics is booming. There has been a 40% fall in the number of people having invasive surgical cosmetic procedures over the last five years.

This is a double-edged sword…

We work in aesthetics and are pleased with the overall boom in the industry.

However, we are very concerned about the lack of regulation across our industry.

What does this mean for you?

If you wanted to have a surgical cosmetic procedure in the UK, you would be safe in the knowledge that the industry is licenced and regulated. Only professionals with the correct level of training, accreditations, experience, professionalism, insurance and back up, can perform these procedures.

However, for non-surgical cosmetic procedures, there is no licensing in the UK. Anyone can get hold of the kit. With or without training. And with or without medical qualifications and start injecting and treating people.

From a client’s point of view, it can mean you have access to cheaper services and treatments. However, these procedures can cause irreversible damage if not administered correctly.
Do you want to knowingly put yourself in danger, just to save money?

What’s being done?

The government have acknowledged the issue in this booming UK market, as well as issues caused by people going abroad for treatments. They have recently launched a campaign to warn people about the risks of undergoing a procedure with an underqualified practitioner or conducting their own procedures.

The Department for Health has produced a report setting out qualification requirements for practitioners performing non-surgical procedures. This is backed by the NHS. The full report can be read here.

Also, The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners is taking responsibility for implementing a new voluntary register for practitioners. The aim is to help raise industry standards. At Skintique, we are in the process of getting registered.

There is also the organisation Save Face. They have a national register of Accredited practitioners who provide non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. The Register is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. It is recognised by the government, The Department of Health, NHS England and The Care Quality Commission.

On the Save Face list are five Leicestershire accredited members, two in Northamptonshire and one in Rutland.

Our clinic, Skintique, is Save Face accredited and is led by Dr Natalia Hancock. She is a fully qualified and licenced UK doctor. Registered with the General Medical Council and a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine. Also Save Face, British Medical Laser Association.

Natalia Hancock has extensive experience in aesthetic medicine.

Are you considering having any non-surgical cosmetic procedures?

We urge you to do your homework first.

Find an accredited practitioner with plenty of experience. Some who will give you sound medical advice, and if anything should go wrong, will be equipped to advise and support you properly.

Being medically led, we won’t perform a procedure that we believe could be detrimental to a person’s health. For example, we often have clients asking for bigger and bigger lips. There is a safe limit to what lips can take and we won’t push this limit. We say ‘no’ to procedures when we deem it to be unsafe or unhealthy.

We work with a lot of people who need procedures correcting that have been done elsewhere. Dermal filler removal is, sadly, more in demand than ever.

At Skintique, our team only use carefully selected, industry-leading products which have long-standing evidence of safety and successful results. 

Plus, our advice extends not only to what you can achieve but the importance of overall skin health. The early signs of ageing can be delayed and improved with treatments like HydraFacial.

We recommend having a medical skin analysis done using our Visia machine. There is little point masking an underlying skin issue that could be resolved another way.

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