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Skin Tag Removal

October 28, 2019

Skin tags are non-painful, flesh coloured nodules. Although GP’s won’t now remove them for medical reasons, we can help you if you would like them removing.

Do I have a skin tag?

Skin tags are usually small, soft growths on your skin. They vary in size and colour but do tend to be skin/flesh toned. They can be raised or flat, squishy to touch or form a small flap or nodule. The main thing is that they are not painful.

They often form on the neck, armpits, groin, under the breast or buttocks. They can also develop on the eyelids. It tends to be in areas where there can be friction.

If you are not sure if what you have is a skin tag or you get any pain from it, you should always consult your doctor in the first instance.

Can I get my skin tag removed?

Yes. Although GP’s don’t tend to do anything with them now because they are not painful. We understand these can be something that many people are unhappy having.

We have two medical routes for the safe removal of skin tags that you might want to explore if you are very aware of them on your face, neck or body.

How can I get my skin tag removed?

At Skintique we have two options for their safe removal.

It will become clear at consultation stage which treatment is right for your skin type. One treatment isn’t better than the other, it is simply a case of our team of experts analysing your skin to decipher which is your best route.

Our Plasma BT treatment involves heat and our CyroPen treatment involves freezing. Neither option will be painful or cause any particular downtime post treatment. However, both could cause the skin tag to darken and scab before it naturally falls away. This process can take a few days up to a couple of weeks. You might want to consider this to plan in when the best time for your treatment is.

Plasma BT skin tag removal

This treatment uses electrical energy to change the molecular structure of the cells. It also quarterises the site where the skin tag attaches to the skin. The process uses heat although there is no heat transfer, so you will not be aware of the heat and it won’t affect the skin around the treatment site.

This process sounds painful but it shouldn’t be. If you have any concerns before the treatment, we can apply a numbing cream to the area to help take away any anxiety.

We thoroughly clean the area to be treated, apply numbing gel if needed, then apply multiple shots of plasma to the site using a small handheld device. The whole thing is very quick, taking just minutes to perform.

The process will cause a small dark scab to form where the skin tag was. This could last for 3-7 days, possibly longer. Once the scab has cleared your new skin underneath will be free from the skin tag.

If it is quite large, there is a chance that it could need up to two treatments. But we do find in the majority of cases that one treatment is enough.

For the couple of days following treatment you need to be very careful with your skin:

  • Keep it clean
  • Avoid touching the treated site
  • Avoid putting any creams or perfumes on it
  • Don’t do anything that will make you sweaty or use a sauna or stream room
  • Avoid sun exposure and sun beds for 48 hours

CyroPen skin tag removal

The CyroPen uses nitrous oxide to freeze and kill the cells causing the skin tag. The body them either reabsorbs them or removes them.

This treatment is incredibly precise meaning none of the cells around the site will be affected.

You won’t experience any pain and the whole process take just a few minutes after your skin has been thoroughly cleaned.

As with Plasma BT, there is not really any downtime after the treatment. Your skin tag will fall away naturally after a few days.

You do just need to be careful with your skin following treatment:

  • Keep it clean
  • Avoid touching the treated area
  • Avoid putting any creams or perfumes directly onto the treated site
  • Don’t do anything that will make you sweaty or will rub on the site
  • Avoid sun exposure and sun beds for 48 hours


Either treatment achieves results very quickly with no real downtime or pain. They are very affective and quick to perform.

Next steps

If you are thinking about having a skin tag removed, get in touch. We can meet with you for a consultation prior to treatment and can show you exactly what to expect.

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