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Weight Loss Management

Medicated Weight Loss Service

Begin your healthy weight loss journey

If you are struggling to manage your weight, you don’t have to tackle it alone - we can help. Our medicated weight loss service can help you to lose weight and sustain it.

At Skintique Clinic our goal is to look after all aspects of health and wellbeing. We can help you to sustain a healthy weight loss, with ongoing advice and support alongside a prescription medication treatment.

The injection is an off-label prescription-only medicine called Semaglutide, which can only be prescribed for you following a consultation. A blood test is required prior to taking this medication, you can request this from your GP or we can arrange for this to be done at the clinic.

Semaglutide has been used in the UK for a number of years ‘off label’ to treat obesity. It has been thoroughly tested in its licenced form in the UK for treating type 2 diabetes and is safe to use.

In February 2022 NICE gave approval for Semaglutide to be licenced for use in the treatment of obesity and will be rolled out to the NHS in the latter part of 2022.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

NICE Consultation Document

It will be distributed under the name Wegovy™ instead of the current name of Ozempic

Your weight loss management journey starts with completing our online pre-assessment form for us to do initial check that you are a suitable candidate for medical weight loss. Completing this form only takes a few minutes and we ask you to be as honest as you can when completing it.

Once complete this form will automatically send through to our reception team who will then forward it on to our Doctor for an initial review.

When the team has heard back from the doctor, they will contact you with further details of the program or if you are unsuitable offer you alternative options.

If you are suitable candidate, we will offer you two appointments.

The first of these is to check your measurements including height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure and oxygen saturation. We will also ask you to complete a number of questionnaires including a food diary for the past 3 days. Some of these forms may be sent to you prior to your attendance and we ask you to kindly complete them before arrival.

The second appointment is normal straight after the first and is a consultation with the doctor who will after going through your medical records and questionnaires explain in detail how the weight management program works. If you are having private blood tests with us these will be taken during this appointment.

After your appointment the doctor will wait for your blood test results before writing and ordering your prescription which will be delivered directly to your home address.

This treatment will be available via the NHS for free during the latter part of 2022. Because of this, we have decided that it would not be ethical to charge patients for a service that they can access on the NHS and have therefore suspended this treatment.

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Treatment Time
60 min


Back To Work

Depends on individual

Duration Of Results

Starts from £170

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