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Undoing Ink With PicoSure – Emily’s Tattoo Removal Journey & Experience

July 10, 2020

Having a tattoo that you now regret or hating it from the get-go doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck with it forever, PicoSure laser tattoo removal is a must for anyone that wants to get rid of their body art.

This relatively quick and extremely safe treatment will leave you tattoo free!

PicoSure tattoo removal works with shockwave technology which will shatter the ink from within the skin and break it down into much smaller pieces than other lasers are capable of. The short wave laser causes less trauma and heat within the skin resulting in a safer and much more effective treatment.

After having the treatment the body will continue to break down the ink to dispose of it through the lymphatic system.

Treatments are advised to take place every 8-10 weeks, however, fading will still continue even after a few months following the treatment.

All tattoos are treated differently, a tattoo that is denser will take more sessions than one that is lighter and superficial. Tattoos that are closer to the heart will treat much faster than tattoos that are on the extremities.

PicoSure treats all colours on the colour spectrum except white, this means that all of you with patches of green leftover from your Q-switch machines can finally start shifting that ink!

So you are probably thinking how much does it actually hurt? I can honestly say first hand that having the tattoo put there in the first place was like a 3/10 on a pain scale and having it removed was like a 6/10, that sounds like a lot but if you think about how long you lay there having the tattoo it is actually removed in a fraction of the time!

Here are a couple of photos of my tattoo that is still in the process of being removed, I get married next year and hope to be able to wear my dream dress without this horrible tattoo ruining it. I’m still going through the process of having it removed but this will give you an idea of what to expect after each session.

This photo was before, 1 day after, and 2 weeks after, the healing and fading will continue in between treatments.

Every response after a tattoo is different, the colour and the density of the tattoo can determine the response after each session, if you hold a lot of red ink then the healing could take longer as the red ink may contain more metal-like Cadmium, mercury, or iron oxide.

If you are unsure as to how your skin will respond during tattoo removal, then we offer a consultation and a patch test, this will be a small area on the tattoo that will be treated with the laser, this will allow you to understand how your skin and tattoo will respond to subsequent treatments.

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