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Get A Comprehensive Skin Consultation From An Expert Team

Just like our choice of skincare should be tailored to our needs, so should other aesthetic treatments. 

A number of factors affect the condition of our skin, including our age, lifestyle and how well we protect it from UV rays. Having a proper consultation will enable you to find out which procedures are likely to be more beneficial for you.

Ideal for anyone in the East Midlands, our clinic in Leicestershire offers a broad range of services, including an in-depth skin analysis.

How do we assess the condition of your skin?

We use what’s known as an VISIA analysis system, which is a cross-polarised UV digital imaging technique that looks beneath the skin’s surface. After all, this is much more important than a superficial examination.

Carried out by our highly trained practitioners, it will give us a comprehensive assessment of your skin’s appearance, condition and function at both a dermal and subdermal level.

Once you’ve had a consultation, our skin specialists can answer any questions you have. We can then also select the products best suited to your skin type, unique concerns and goals.

Our online skin test is a great place to start. 

Completely free and straightforward, this is a brilliant way to All you have to do is answer various different questions on our website.

If you’re looking to book a skin consultation in Leicestershire, simply get in touch with our team today.