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Nose imperfections

Every face and facial feature is unique, as a result, the size, shape and placement of the nose will vary from person to person. While some people may be born with the perfect nose that helps define their face and create a symmetrical look, others may be dissatisfied with their natural nose shape, something which can bring about feelings of anxiety and discomfort or really knock self esteem.

Nose imperfections, and the shape of a nose, are things that are primarily determined by a person’s genetics, however, distinct changes can also occur as a result of the natural ageing process. As people age, the level of collagen found in the skin, bones, cartilage and teeth will naturally decrease – collagen is a key component that the skin needs to maintain its structure – this decrease can cause the lower nose to lose its shape, droop and sag, resulting in a unfavourable nasal appearance.

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