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Hyperpigmentation Treatments At An Expert Clinic In Leicester

Are you keen to get rid of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation?

Our team at our friendly clinic in Leicester regularly helps people with this type of problem.

Hyperpigmentation can have a big impact on your confidence. So, what exactly causes it? This issue is caused by an increase in melanin production, the natural pigment that gives our skin, eyes and hair their colour. It’s usually caused by such factors as:

  • sun exposure
  • hormonal influences
  • increase in age
  • skin injuries or inflammation.

Manage hyperpigmentation with the help of our experts.

Skintique Clinic can create a bespoke treatment plan with medical grade skincare, to help prevent and treat pigmentation. 

We provide each patient with a VISIA Skin Analysis to assess the pigmentation and any other concerns. Our first step is to prevent further pigmentation and encourage homecare itself as a treatment, alongside our professional in-clinic treatments.

Procedures available for this type of issue include chemical skin peels which help you to achieve a clearer complexion. 

Chemical peels are renowned for their ability to mitigate this problem. Vitamin C serums can also help to fade hyperpigmentation, which is why they’re widely recommended by dermatologists for this issue. Other procedures we offer for this problem include microneedling and hydrafacials. 

Book a consultation with our clinic and we can recommend the best treatment for your needs. 

We love working with you to transform your skin. Hyperpigmentation is just one of the various issues we can help with. We also have a great choice of anti-wrinkle treatments available.

Find out more about our treatments for hyperpigmentation or contact our friendly team for more information.