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Lumecca IPL

Skintique’s partnership with the powerful IPL treatment device, Lumecca means we can offer our clients the most effective means of achieving an even skin tone by banishing a whole host of unwelcome skin concerns.

A radiant, even skin tone is simply the paramount way to exude a glowing, youthful appearance however unfortunately, with ageing, comes imperfections that challenge the skin’s luminosity. Luckily, Lumecca has your back, successfully targeting sun damage, freckles, rosacea, age spots, and vascular lesions like spider veins.

Lumecca’s potent energy-based intense pulsed light uses photothermolysis to eliminate the signs of skin pigmentation and vascular lesions gently and effectively. After just one session clients should expect to see a marked improvement in the skin’s clarity and complexion. Additional treatments provide even better results still.

Clients should expect to experience moderate warming of the skin and may exhibit signs of redness that usually subsides after an hour. For the next couple of days, pigmentated areas may appear darker however during healing over the weeks following treatment, pigmented lesions will fade to reveal a flawless, even skin tone. Similarly, for vascular lesions, clients may notice a change in colour to the blood vessel which will repair over the next few days.

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