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Effective Results through Combination Treatments with Skintique

January 24, 2019

Here at Skintique Clinic in Leicester, we often find that our bespoke client treatment plans work best when they utilise a multi-treatment approach, making use of complementary procedures in combination to ensure exceptional and timely results for our clients.

Why take a combination approach?

Many medical practitioners today are now combining aesthetic treatments in an increasing number of cases, as singular procedures are no longer considered the sole and most effective approach to body-sculpting, skin damage and blemishes, and signs of ageing at different layers of the skin. This is because physical concerns can often be too complex to resolve through just one method of treatment, with no guarantee that the desired results will be achieved in the time expected.

Once a client’s underlying physical issues have been interpreted from their concerns following thorough consultation and physical assessment, we are often able to break these issues down into different problem areas.

In such cases, the use of diverse procedures that can be used safely and effectively in combination with each other in one session may be necessary, to tackle each of these aspects, and resolve the client’s overall physical concerns more swiftly and successfully.

Many procedures available today can be utilised to further the efficiency of – and reduce the downtime from – subsequent treatments. These include anti-wrinkle, muscle-relaxing treatments combined with hyaluronic dermal fillers to tackle signs of ageing, or laser resurfacing treatments like Lumecca IPL used in conjunction with chemical peels like AlumierMD, to resolve conditions such as acne scarring or rosacea.

How can Skintique help?

Dr. Natalia Hancock and the Skintique clinic team offer a diverse range of restorative and tailored treatments to tackle conditions ranging from blemished, damaged and ageing skin, to unwanted hair growth.

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