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Skin Peel

October 23, 2019

Get a skin peel at Skintique to refresh and revitalise your skin and target any skin concerns

Skin peels have come a long way. You no longer have to hide away for days after a treatment to let your skin shed like a snake. Our range of Alumier MD chemical peels are known for their results and their skin safety.

They are suitable for any skin type and tone. We tailor the peel to suit your skin concerns and overall skin health.

If you want to target:

  • Hydration and dry skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Aging and fine lines
  • Oily skin
  • Enlarged pores
  • Acne
  • Sensitivity or redness
  • Overall skin texture and glow

… then having a course of skin peels is a fantastic way to aid overall skin health, texture and glow, whilst targeting specific concerns.

Take your skin on a journey

As with most clinical skin treatments, having a one-off treatment will help your skin but it isn’t the best investment for long term skin health and results.

With skin peels, we always recommend a treatment course of 6 sessions. The frequency of treatments will be dependent on your skin. For example, we might suggest your six sessions be spread over 6 months, or that actually your skin would benefit from a peel every other week.

Know your starting point

The way we tailor your treatment recommendation is by starting your journey with our VISIA medical grade facial analysis machine.

It enables us to look deep into your skin to see underlying issues rather than just observing what’s happening on the top layer of your skin.

Using this analysis, we can agree on the right chemical peel course for your specific needs.

What to expect…

Our Alumier MD chemical peels are strong enough to get great results but are gentle enough to achieve them without causing any trauma to your skin.

This means our treatments don’t have any real downtime. You may have a slight flush and redness straight afterwards and we strongly encourage you not to wear make-up for a good few hours, but you could go about your normal activities.

We always start a peel appointment by thoroughly cleansing and balancing your skin. We’ll then apply a hydration mask for 5-15 minutes; it is proven for a peel to be more affective when applied to well hydrated skin.

Next we’ll apply your chemical peel with a brush. You may feel some tingling and slight heat, this is normal. It shouldn’t be uncomfortable. The peel we use will be tailored to your skin.

Once this process is complete, we apply a hydration serum and a high SPF sunscreen.

At every stage of the process the products we use will be tailored to you.

Building up 

Your first peel treatment will probably be your shortest. As your skin health improves over your course of treatments, we will progressively increase the time the peel is on your skin.

After your treatment

Immediately afterwards your skin might just glow or it might be a bit flushed and red. You might experience a bit of heat in the skin or some tingling. This is completely normal as the active ingredients are absorbed deep into your skin’s layers.

You might get a bit of dry flaky skin between your treatments. This is likely to be where you have problem areas and the skin is renewing after your peel. Often, it’s on the cheeks and centre of the forehead. This doesn’t always happen though. The peel is the exfoliation, so you might not experience any ‘between treatment’ shedding.

If you do get dry patches between treatments that bother you. We can offer bi-weekly exfoliations to help.

End results

Having a full course of 6 peels will completely refresh and revitalise your skin. You will see a vast difference in your skin health, texture and hydration.

Of course, there are two vital other elements to consider when investing in your skin:

1 = what you’re putting into your body

2 = how you’re going to maintain your results

Following a predominantly healthy diet and drinking plenty of water every day, will all show on your skin.

Plus, by investing in a course of chemical peels you’ll get a strong skin foundation. But if you don’t maintain this you will slip back. We can help advise you on the right products to use at home on your skin for maintaining your results. And, what clinic treatments will also help in the future.

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