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Explore Your Options to Resolve Unwanted Body Hair

March 15, 2019

2019 is flying by – the warmer months will be here before we know it, enabling us the opportunity to (safely!) soak up some Vitamin D-rich sunshine. In addition to shedding layers of clothing, the approaching better weather may also see you considering your options for the removal of unwanted or excess body hair.

From over-the-counter products to cutting-edge treatment systems, there are a wide variety of hair removal solutions available – ranging from inexpensive yet regular treatments, to more costly yet lasting procedures, for all budgets, routines and re-growth rates.


As one of the most common and accessible hair removal methods available, shaving with a manual or electric razor enables the removal of hair to just beneath the surface of the skin.

Quick and easy, shaving is the go-to method of hair removal for most of us across the UK. Inexpensive and enabling immediate results, it’s not hard to see why. But it does have its risks – think shaving-based cuts, rashes and ingrown hairs!

Shaving works best on longer hair that has been allowed to grow, but waiting for suitable re-growth for a clean shave is easier said than done – the desired smooth ‘just shaved’ effect doesn’t last long for most people, with re-growth often feeling rough to the touch like grains of sand, even in its early stages.



Depilation is the application of a chemical cream to targeted areas of skin to dissolve hair at the shaft, for results that last approximately two weeks. Most of us know depilation in its most basic form: hair removal cream, picked up at the local beauty store or pharmacy.

Depilation is a painless and swift approach – but it’s important to make sure you choose the right cream for you. The formulations for achieving a hair-free upper lip differ to those for smooth legs, so always check that you have the right cream in-hand to avoid a hair removal disaster.

It is also important to avoid treating hair on irritated or damaged skin – and to undertake a patch test before treating a larger area, due to the risk of allergic reactions or superficial chemical burns. Hair removal cream can often leave rashes on the surface of the skin after application – something to consider if you’re wanting to go completely smooth a couple of days after treatment with cream!



Waxing involves – yes, you guessed it – the application of a wax layer to the areas of body targeted for hair removal. When the wax is left to settle before being pulled away from the skin at speed, the hairs trapped within this layer of wax are swiftly lifted from the skin – we can see you wince at just the mention of it!

While often painful and messy – risking skin irritation or superficial chemical burns if not carried out by a professional – waxing is a versatile method of hair removal, and is suitable for use on the face, legs, and intimate areas, with results lasting three to six weeks.


Laser Hair Removal


While the above hair removal techniques are very popular, they all have their drawbacks in one way or another. However, there is another option: for pain-free treatment and lasting results, laser hair removal is the treatment everyone is talking about.

With laser hair removal a diode laser beam is used – sometimes in combination with IPL technology for optimum results – to penetrate and disable targeted hair at the root, to stop and prevent any future hair growth. Imagine being silky smooth for life… it sounds good to us.

With no downtime – and no risk of hyperpigmentation from repeat treatment – laser hair removal is an effective option for lasting results.

Here at Skintique clinic, laser hair removal is one of our key treatment options – and we are pleased to be able to offer the advanced DiolazeXL laser system by In Mode for the safe, gentle, swift and permanent elimination of unwanted hair across the body – even sensitive or intimate areas.

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